All the Models I use are of total amateur status, I don't use professional models, mainly because I enjoy creating, both for myself and my models. That first realisation that their own images are as beautiful as the top models, builds self esteem and confidence like no other moment.

My Love is for Nature, and the Natural beauty that surrounds us and is so often overlooked day by day. Bringing to life a series of images, created by the naivity and spontaneity of someone who never believed they could model is an inspiring moment.
I am fortunate to be in Love and married to someone who views my work as I do and one who's beauty shines out through my work, and I am indebted to my beautiful wife for her patience her love and her constant inspiration with all I do. Whether she is modelling for me or working with new models, she is constantly by my side, aiding me in my work and bringing confidence to those who model for the first time.

I am constantly searching for new models, preferably those with little or no modelling experience, for its with those that we discover and create a freshness that is as beautiful as a spring morning.

If you would like to aid in my work, and build your own portfolio of images, for whatever purpose, you can contact me via email, your work with me can be private or made public, it is your choice and your images would never be used without your full consent.

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